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Tips to crack GRE Reading Comprehension Questions:

The reading comprehension of GRE, tests your ability to understand and analyze both short and long passages. The examination questions are designed to ask you to identify the main idea, interpret the tone and opinion, provide factual details which is mentioned in the text. Deciphering the meaning of some of the sentences can seem a daunting activity, but like everything else it’s hard at first and gets easier as you practice.

The following strategies will give you the keys you need to unlock the structure of even the most complex paragraphs.

1. The most important skill you must master for reading comprehension is the ability to identify main idea from the supporting ideas.

2. Remember that you have a very powerful tool in a multiple-choice exam: The Process of Elimination.

3. SQ3R is another method to comprehend complex reading passages:

  • Survey
  • Question
  • Read
  • Recall
  • Review

4. Read carefully. Look for specific details that provide clues to the answer.

5. All correct answers are located in the passage. If you cannot find evidence for your answer in the passage, chances are that it is not the right option.

6. Identify the relationship between various ideas presented in the form of the text.

7. While skimming through the paragraphs try to scan for signal/ linking words carefully, as they help you to establish the structure of the texts.

8. Notice the title first, and focus on the first sentence and last sentence of each paragraph.

9. Evaluate all the answer choices individually before selecting the correct answer.

10. Remember, your aim is to correctly answer the question not retain all of the detailed information provided.

11. Lastly, there is only one Method to succeed: Practice, Practice and Practice.

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