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Elmarie Van Wyk

I came to Aura in search of math support for my son. Due to a number of factors, including language barrier and poor teaching skills, his foundation in math was flawed. With the help of the team at Aura, who are always willing to go above and beyond, my son has made steady progress and built his confidence in math. We will continue with the Abacus system to support him in gaining even more confidence. I would happily refer anyone to Aura to advance their children’s academic performance

Laxmi Pal

My son has benefitted tremendously from attending the Vedic math program with AURA. The change in confidence with numbers was evident from the very first class. Thanks to AURA today my son is known in his school (Nelson College, New Zealand) for being one of fastest when it comes to mental math calculations. My son enjoys every class and looks forward to what he is going to learn next. Thank you AURA, we didn’t think this was possible with math.

Samira Moloo

Our daughter enjoys going to AURA and especially adores the teachers! It is a very nurturing environment that brings out the best in each child. Raania is proud of her accomplishments and has learnt a skill that benefits her in so many ways. After 2 years at AURA I highly recommend it to everyone!

Nadia Zahmoul

Many thanks for your kindness, adaptability and understadning of our situation. I am extremely grateful for your support. The benefits of the Abacus program for my younger daughter have been significant. My older child is really enjoying her Vedic sessions, its a joy to watch her so alive and passionate about math!. AURA has done amazing work with both my girls, thank you for engaging them and helping them make great progress interns of concentration, self confidence and sustaining of focus.

Kevin Richardson

We’ve been with AURA for just over 2 years. My son started when he was 6 years with the Abacus math, it has helped him grasp math concepts and be comfortable with numbers. He has also become far more focused and able to concentrate better in all phases of study, including school. My daughter has completed 6 months with astounding results, her confidence in maths has greatly increased. She actually enjoys going to Aura. The teachers of AURA have a great attitude and manner with the students and the laughter coming from the classrooms is testament to their attitude, that learning can be fun. I fully support AURA and the positive experience they give my children and recommend it fully.

Shalini Prasad

AURA’s tag line is “Fun math for kids” and it lives up to its promise fully. The Center has a fun and cheery atmosphere and these elements are reflected in all the teachers at AURA. Lessons are both engaging and fun. My kids instantly took to the place right from their very first lesson. They eagerly look forward to their maths lessons and have made great strides in mathematical ability and confidence in just 3 short months. I highly recommend the place.

Pranjali Padghan

GRE is not an intellect test. It is a skill that you develop over a period of time. The flow of solving quantitative problems is something that needs practice,and immense practice. AURA Test Prep Faculty asked me to refer three different books, apart from their skilfully drafted own set of problems.

Chinmay Kalluraya

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the learning, support and perfect atmosphere to grow that AURA Test Prep provided me with. I’m grateful that the teachers pushed me to work smart, efficient and quick through SAT problems.

Bharadwaj Vishanth Thiyagarajan

Cracking GRE and going for MS in a public IVY league is not a joke. A miracle has to be created within the students which needs good professors. That’s where AURA Test Prep comes in. I scored 316 in GRE, but this is not the only thing the faculty at AURA Test Prep taught me.

Kahani Soni

On a serious note, SAT and other entrance exams are not a piece of cake . It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to crack them. The achievement of my score of SAT 1980 was due to the right guidance of AURA Test Prep faculty.

Aditya Nidmarti

Math is not a mere subject which can be taught, it is a habit which needs to be nurtured. Professors at AURA Prep did exactly that for me. I scored a perfect 800 in the Math section of the SAT as well as the Math 2 Subject SAT.

Pragya Mishra

AURA Test Prep faculty have an excellent teaching strategy, classroom sessions were super interactive and they ensure that they impart the ways and methods to approach a question by clearing and brushing up the basics of mathematics.

Aishanou Rait

AURA Test Prep faculty have been one of my best Math teachers! After 3 years of leaving college my mathematical skills had become rusty. Their style of teaching helped me strengthen my concepts and regain my confidence.

Chirag Desai

I am a former student of AURA Test Prep. What is really unique about AURA Test Prep faculty is it not the tutors teach you the skills to be an excellent in a subject but also teach you the skills to think and solve it in your own methods. They have one of the best tutors in Dubai.

Balaka Biswas

I was very lucky to have AURA Prep faculty as my GRE teachers. They were my quantitative mentor who not only helped me in quantitative section in GRE but also helped me many times in Verbal section as well.

Arushi Kakar

I am extremely grateful to have had Aura Prep support me through my GMAT preparation. Quant was my biggest weakness and the classes, which focused on fundamentals in the beginning and then deep dived into more challenging topics really helped me create a solid foundation of quantitative skills.