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Social Distance = Distance Learning

Social Distance

It is difficult to write an educational, informative blog amidst a severe pandemic. COVID – 19 has got us in its clutch and governments of the world are trying their best to maintain calm amongst the public. Within a couple of weeks the businesses when from office working to work from home, schools, colleges and Universities closed their doors and opened their Online doors. What would have taken the education industry years to accomplish to move on line was done within weeks in Dubai and the world over. 

Accepting the online learning system is our future. The sooner we accept it the better the better it is for students and the parents. Although we had a successful transition from the classroom to the Online platform, we did have a few skeptical parents who wanted to keep the screen time of the child in check and preferred to wait till things went back to normal. 

This blog is for all those parents who have yet not subscribed to the online learning system. How long will you pause the learning of your child? Some parents say, “We will start when things go back to normal” our question to you is what is normal? How do you know that this is not the new normal? Please don’t be the cause of flattening your child’s learning curve. 

Let us share with you what some of the parents and students are choosing to do. Many students and parents have contacted us asking us to book more classes for them as they concur with our mantra that learning never stop. Although education boards are cancelling examinations and promoting students to the next grade, our major concern is how to bridge this gap. Soon, things are going to go back to normal, schools will begin again, exams will be scheduled again, and luck always favor’s the prepared. 

AURA’s students and their parents understand our efforts in helping them through this situation by keeping them creatively and academically active. One of our students Amani is continuing taking her SAT classes even when she knows the test for May has been cancelled, another student Sunny is taking IELTS without even thinking if he is going to get a test date in the near future, and Mihika – a grade 10 student is utilizing this time to study all Math and Physics concepts before the school begins. It is in their determination that we find our strength. 

As a business, we understand the economic difficulties that parents are faced with and for that reason we have dropped the rates for all our classes. We are in this together. If you are a parent distressed about keeping your child’s learning up and active, please reach out to AURA Training Centre. 

Remember, Social Distancing should lead to Distance Learning.