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SAT Test Prep + ZEN State = Success

SAT is around the corner! We know you are freaking out and so are we. All those months of hard work is finally going to show result!

Common self-talk sounds like…..Have you done enough practice? Do you remember all the grammar rules? You still remember “ALL” that Math? SAT should be named Stressful Aptitude Test, right?

Have no Fear when AURA is here!

Here are some last minute tips to have your ZEN State ON before the test.

  1. Keep Calm and Face It: Yes, you heard us right. No point hoohaa-ing now. You need to give the test a chance. With 10 days to the test, focus on your weak areas and rectify the mistakes you have been doing. Between fight and flight, choose Fight!
  2. Relax the day before the test: Do NOT pressurize yourself to cram in as much practice as possible the day before. More often than not, it backfires. So just watch your favorite movie or read a good book and calm your nerves.
  3. Eat your breakfast: We all know that the test runs long so keep yourself well fed and hydrated before you get to the exam hall. A hungry stomach does not correspond well with an anxious mind.
  4. Check your supplies: Carry your admission ticket, acceptable ID proof, No. 2 pencils (no pens required), an approved calculator, and some snacks + water in a backpack.
  5. Don’t waste time guessing: You need to choose your Letter Of The Day (LOTD) among A,B,C & D before you enter the exam hall, so when the challenging questions are remaining as the test reaches its end you know what your choice is.

All right, listen up! There are going to be no surprises in the exam. You exactly know how the SAT Test is structured (if you don’t, give us a call!) and you are cognizant of the question types. So, just hold your ground and keep your pencil moving on the test paper. We are sure you can ace the Test, no pressure, but ACE IT!

PS- If things go wrong with your result, you know where to find us to fix it in your next attempt.

Written by
Keerthi Agarwal
Lead Verbal Trainer
AURA Training Center FZCO