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The SAT reading section primarily comprises of questions that range from anything to everything like geology, natural science to genetic engineering or a documentary passage on Adolf Hitler. Well, these are some of the many contents which forms a part of the SAT reading section.

So to prepare for SAT and to be on top of the game what are you willing to do?  Spend sleepless night trying to read all that matters so you can settle with a comfortable score in SAT?

Let’s say for argument’s sake, I sit down with piles of catalogues containing information on right about everything and begin cramming my head with heaps and heaps of information. What happens then? How long is it going to take? Is it logically possible to read all which matters? Is it worth your time and effort to spend so much time on just a part of SAT?

OF COURSE NOT!!!  Then what are you going to do?

Feeling confused? Chill Out!!

The answer is simple.

SAT is designed in such a way that questions in the reading section can be answered without any prior knowledge on that subject. They are designed to test your base knowledge and skills that you have accrued over your lifetime. Information provided in the SAT section is self sufficient. On a brighter note and to add more sparkle to your dull perplexed eyes having extra knowledge on the passage content hinders one’s answering capability. How so?

Suppose, I get a passage on Global Warming, being a staunch environmentalist I am proud to say without any haughtiness that I know everything there is to know about global warming. Now I see the reading section and try to answer the question on my own accord rather than what’s necessary or required of it, which unfortunately backfires.

Here it’s alright to say that “LESS KNOWLEDGE IS SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE”.

So if any passage is scary or has an unknown content that you’ve never seen or heard about until this moment, don’t take a step back and run away from it, thus creating a mental block. Hold still, take a deep breath in and with positivity look at the passage and smile away to glory. Because,