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PRE – SAT Prep Course….. Is it for YOU?


“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.”

Bobby Knight

What is Pre – SAT? – When do I start preparing? – Where do I take the test? – How many classes do I need?

Let’s tackle all these question and more….

Over the years working with students on SAT Quant Prep, I have realized that some of the students are unable to take back the application of the learning done in class and that directly reflects on the overall SAT score. As a Tutor, I was not OK with that and I wanted to understand why that was happening, after multiple batches and hundreds of students. I came to realize that I needed to design a PRE-SAT Course. A course that helps with the fundamentals of those Math topics that play an important role in your SAT Test.

This is course is designed by AURA for students who are in Year 9, 10 & 11. If you think certain fundamentals of Math are not where they should be, if you think that certain topic in class you just don’t understand, if you have dropped Math as a course all together or any other reason that I may not have mentioned. This course is for YOU!

Pre-SAT is the precursor to the actual SAT Prep Course. The Pre-SAT course gets you in the learning state that is needed to ACE your SAT. During the SAT, the student has to arrive at the correct solution within seconds and that cannot happen if your basics are not in place.

AURA Test Prep has designed a comprehensive course for students who see math as a challenge.

We offer this Pre-SAT Prep Math classes for only those students who are looking for higher scores in quant sections of the SAT tests. This course is designed and developed by AURA for students who plan to give their SAT next year.

The best time to start with the Pre-SAT Prep is 9 months before the actual test date. More time we have with the student the better we are able to prepare. These classes are held twice a month and we need a minimum of 6 months to finish 12 classes.

Upon completion of the 12 classes the basics for all SAT quant questions will be in place and once that is done we can then shift our concentration actual SAT Quant training classes to target higher level of difficulty and more complex problem solving areas.

The entire idea of designing the Pre-SAT Prep course was to help students prepare with what is coming their way in the SAT. This course is paced to work with the student’s school schedule. A further advantage is that during the Pre-SAT Prep the student’s hold on Math gets better which will reflect in school results too.

The Topics that we will cover in the Pre- SAT Prep are as below

1. Arithmetic

Integer Arithmetic
Fractions & Decimals

2. Algebra
Algebraic Expressions
Ratio and Proportion
Rate and Work
Word Problems on simultaneous Equation.
Linear Algebra (Slopes Etc.)
Quadratic Equation, Polynomial Function, Graphs (Function Related)
Inequalities and Absolute values

3. Plane Geometry

4. Coordinate Geometry
Cartesian coordinate system
Distance between Two Points
Graphs Representing Functions or Equations

5. Data Analysis
Charts and Graphs & Tables
Bar Graphs, Pie Charts

6. Statistics
Average, Median, and Mode
Combinations & Probability