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At AURA we offer mental math programs are for 6 to 14 year olds and Test Prep Courses are for 15 years and above.

Both ABACUS and Vedic Math are independent learning systems. The only side-effect of learning math with AURA will be that the children will improve their agility with numbers. In short, if there is interference it will be positive in nature.

When children use both hands to move the ABACUS beads to perform arithmetic calculations, there is a quick communication between the hands and the brain that stimulates both the right and the left hemispheres of the brain. This promotes rapid, balanced whole brain development.

We don’t recommend that. We teach and encourage children to look at numbers differently. After classes with us students are able to do complex problems mentally and in seconds using only pattern recognition formulas. The school requires students to show how they arrived at the answer. Hence we ask all students to not use the Vedic formulas in school.

No, the practice work is not a burden on children. On the contrary, children love abacus and Vedic practice. This has been our experience and the feedback obtained from thousands of parents.

Most of our programs are available for students from 5.5 years. The Vedic technique can be taught to the child after he/ she has had their 10th Birthday.

All are programs are designed for 1 class a week.

Please try and avoid missing a class. If missing the class is inevitable, please make sure you communicate your absence with us. We will organize a make-up class for your child.

When children learn to code at a young age a world full of possibilities open up. Just like learning to ride a bike or a new language it is always best to start young.

During the robotics class we use pallet programing which works on a drag and drop model. On the other hand in our coding class students type out the actual code as well as understand the use of symbols like “; : < > /” in the coding world.


AURA is your supplemental learning solutions providing organization. Through Math and other subjects, we teach the skills and mindset needed to solve today’s problems and predict, prevent and manage tomorrows.

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