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DUBAI Goes Online – AURA Goes Online (208+ Hours on Online Training Successfully Completed)

                         I would like to start this blog with a BIG Thank You to the UAE Government, Ministry of Education and KHDA for taking all the necessary precautions to contain Corona (COVID-19). When AURA received the information about Training Institutes being asked to close down to in person classes we were beside ourselves. We had our team meeting to brainstorm a way forward. We now had a challenge ahead of us, to either get stuck with the current situation or mutate into what the situation demands us to be. At AURA, we decided to choose the latter. When you live and work in a place like Dubai where everyday impossible is made possible, can’t do becomes can do, this attitude and way of life becomes a part of your DNA

AURA successfully started our online session on the 8th of March. As an organization you seldom think of what can you offer next. How do you keep up with the new learning trends? So when we were given lemons (thanks to Corona) – We actually made lemonade.

We had thought that the parents will have apprehensions, students will have focus issues, the screen will distract them. Contrary to all the above the parents are all onboard, all sessions are now 1 on 1, the students are totally engaged and the learning is being transferred plus the screen is not a distraction it’s being perceived as a “cool” learning tool.

Certain tests have been cancelled, such as the March SATs, a few days of the GRE exams and the IELTS. If you are one of them whose test was cancelled due to this precautionary intervention, we would like you to think of this as an opportunity to revise all the things you’ve learnt and get on with all the things you didn’t have time to learn. 

Furthermore, quarantining is primary – government induced or voluntary – which means ample time spent at home. You can utilize this time to take Online classes for SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, amongst others. E – learning has been around the corner for a long time, but now it seems to be the only thing keeping both the students and teachers safe yet still transferring information via virtual classes. 

Finally, we have witnessed our students quickly make a successful alteration from classroom to online coaching. We have moved our classes on to the web and the learning is seamless. The outpouring positive feedback stands testimony to it.

So, if you are worried about learning online or you have queries about the above-mentioned exams, let us know. AURA will be happy to set up an online trial class so that you understand the learning process better. Let AURA, the BEST Test Preparation Centre in Dubai help you fasten your seatbelt for the impending exams.