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About: Math Art

Most of us are not naturally inclined to think about Mathematics when looking at a work of Art. And yet, the disciplines of Math and Art have been intricately linked throughout history as artists have continually used mathematical principals and concepts to guide their visual creativity. 

With our Math Art – “Reinforcement Class”, we will be celebrating this fascinating relationship between “Vedic Mathematics’, Art and the Student. 


  • Art fosters creative and intuitive right brain function.
  • Significantly improves retention of key concepts.
  • Insight from their own creation will help them give meaning to their art.
  • They will develop cultural awareness and appreciate others viewpoints.
  • This class will help children discover the unexpected possibilities of their creativity.

AURA is your supplemental learning solutions providing organization. Through Math and other subjects, we teach the skills and mindset needed to solve today’s problems and predict, prevent and manage tomorrows.

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