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About: Abacus

Learning Abacus not only improves the ability to perform mental math, but also strengthens brain function and improves memory, concentration, attention span and focus.

Constant practicing on an abacus stimulates the growth of brain cells to sharpen the mental formation for a child and enhances the coordination between eyes, ears and hands through multisensory teaching.

With practice of Abacus some of the benefits are;

  • Improvement in Mental Arithmetic Skills.
  • Improvement in speed & accuracy in calculation, reading and writing.
  • Fear of Numbers vanishes.
  • Improves visual memory.
  • Improves overall academic performance.
  • Enhances confidence.
  • Develops positive values and attitude in life.
  • Increases problem solving skills.
  • Increases creativity, logical thinking and spatial reasoning.

AURA is your supplemental learning solutions providing organization. Through Math and other subjects, we teach the skills and mindset needed to solve today’s problems and predict, prevent and manage tomorrows.

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